This page is for the crowd-funding campaign for the Camino Quarterly. This phase of the campaign ran until midnight on July 30, 2014. After that date, we reconfigured the donor levels and rewards. Because we have switched printers, we were forced to raise subscription prices by $5 after the campaign (this does not affect people who subscribed by way of the campaign).

The Camino Quarterly is a print journal dedicated to accurate, up-to-date, usable information about the Camino de Santiago, the evermore-popular 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain. Whether you are thinking of walking the Camino, have already walked it once or many times, or may never walk it but are still interested in learning about it, the Camino Quarterly is for you.

Just as walking the Camino de Santiago is a journey with a before, during, and after; reading the Camino Quarterly is a journey through the three stages of preparation, pilgrimage, and reflection. While each issue is focused on a central topic (the topic for this preview issue and our first “official” issue is the Camino Francés), the magazine progresses through those three sections.

In the beginning preparation section, we'll cover topics such as Camino History & Legends, Gear reviews & guides, Packing, Statistics (including temperature, rain, and Compostela certificates), Spanish culture & language, Technology, and Words of Wisdom.

In the middle pilgrimage section, we provide a Quarterly Events Calendar, In-depth Features about our central theme, a “She said; He said” department, Gallery of Camino Passport Stamps, Interviews, Cathedrals, a "Don’t Miss This" department, Featured restaurants, Spiritual matters, Camino humor, and more.

In the ending reflections section, we offer impressions by those who have walked The Way: our “Everyone walks their own Camino” department, Artistic responses (art, poetry, photo essays, etc.), News from English-Speaking Pilgrims’ Associations’ Worldwide, a “Wish I had; Wish I hadn’t” and a “We were told but we learned this” departments, as well as Camino book reviews, and so forth.

We already have the production team in place and we published a 28-page Preview Issue (#0) on April 1, 2014, to give away at conferences (e.g. the American Pilgrims on the Camino Gathering in St. Louis, MO, that same week) and Camino educational events. Although we’ve done no publicity prior to April 1, we have received a good number of article submissions and article proposals. View the preview issue at

The First Official Issue of the Camino Quarterly (#1 Summer 2014) is now available (48 pages; we are aiming at 64 pages for future issues). You can preview the current issue at

The rhythm of a quarterly magazine meshes well with the rhythm of the Camino, because the four seasons exert a strong effect upon the route and the walkers, so much so that every three months it's an entirely different experience.

Note: If you have been directed to this page in order to subscribe, please scroll down and check out the options under the heading Our Rewards.
We are fortunate to have at the helm, Editor-in-Chief Chris Yavelow ("YAV"), who has 30 years of experience in the publishing industry, has owned a small book publishing company for seven years, and teaches digital media focused on the production of print and web publications to graphic design majors at the University of Maryland University College (online). More info at

Executive Editor Laura Yavelow, is our "organizational details" person.  She worked in clinical research for 14 years, a field in which rigorous accuracy and attention to detail are of paramount importance, besides being skills that transferred well to her editorial tasks in the book publishing world where she has worked for 5 years. Laura died unexpectedly during the preparation of the summer issue:

Contributing Editor Rebecca Gallo, has written for, WOW—Women on Writing, Winning Ways, and Kaleidoscope. She'll be heading to Europe for three months this summer and is excited to have the opportunity to write for CQ from various places along the Camino. She writes about her life experiences related to travel, simplicity, and the writing life at

Cover Artist and Contributing Writer Jane Snyder grew up in an artistic family and now teaches a variety of water-color centered classes around western North Carolina, including for the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, NC. See more of her work at

Hospitalero Consultant and Associations Liaison Chris Slater has a long history along the Camino de Santiago, having walked it many times starting both in Spain and in other countries. He and his wife Esther have served as hospitaleros (albergue [hostel] attendants) on multiple occasions. Chris is the co-coordinator of the WNC Chapter of the American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC).

Spanish Adviser and Translator Esther Slater speaks the perfect dialect required for a publication about the Camino de Santiago: Castilian. More importantly, Esther's family is from Galicia, the region surrounding Santiago de Compostela, which is the ultimate destination of most Camino pilgrims.
Preview Issue #0 (Spring 2014): Paying off remaining expenses

Issue #1 (Summer 2014): All production, printing, and mailing costs for our first issue. We'll print enough copies so everyone who orders an issue gets one. But if you exceed our expectations, we’ll exceed yours, and the publication will get even better.

Issue #2 (Fall 2014): Whatever production expenses not covered by subscribers and advertisers. Any funds remaining after Issue #2 will be applied to Issue #3 and beyond.

This list breaks down our expenses:
  • Paying writers, artists, and photographers
  • Layout and design of the 64-page magazines
  • Printing and mailing of the magazines
  • Printing and mailing of the limited (100) edition of hard-cover subscriptions
  • Web-hosting and design
  • USPS and similar one-time registration fees
  • Legal filing expenses
  • Other startup costs
  • Expenses related to our Camino Quarterly Patches 
  • Expenses related to our Handheld Digital Gear Scales

We are actively seeking subscribers and advertisers to fund future issues.
The current Rewards list will be in effect until further notice.

We have assembled a wide variety of rewards for those donating funding to support the Camino Quarterly production costs. These rewards are displayed in the green boxes to the right. After you read this section, you should scroll down to view the rewards displayed on an a grid. All rewards rewards of $30 or more include subscriptions to the magazine. See the next bullet list below for exactly how this progresses through 1-year through 5-year subscriptions.

Bonus Rewards: We also have some "Bonus Rewards" that have been donated by third parties who love the Camino de Santiago, too. You can find the Bonus Rewards in an orange box near the top of the rewards list.

Donations without Rewards: We are aware that some donors simply desire to back our project as an act of philanthropy and do not wish to receive the rewards corresponding to the amount of their gift as indicated by the chart on the right. If you are in this category, please inform us by sending an email to: Penelope.

Note for Subscribers: If you were directed here purely for the purpose of subscribing, rest assured, you will find a better subscription rate here (the same or less than was listed for Charter Subscribers on our website), and receive the same discounts (with the additional rewards as noted below and along the right side of this page).

  • 1-year Subscription, Pledge $30
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Note for International and Canadian donors: Because all of our rewards involve the shipping of physical goods, we have indicated an international shipping supplemental amount to cover whatever those shipping costs will be for every donation level. Canadians and International donors are required to add that amount to their pledge. Below each reward, you will find postage supplements indicated in red text. For example, beneath the reward description for a $50 donation, you will find the following: Postage: INT +$ 8 or CAN +$ 2. This means that International backers should add $110 USD to cover postage and Canadian backers should add $33 USD for postage. If some of the figures seem high, remember that many of these involve multiple mailings over periods of 1 to 5 years, and some include much heavier hardbound versions of the magazine.

Note for Advertisers: To support our campaign by purchasing advertising in the Camino Quarterly, please select an ad-size and quantity from our Rate Card at:

Use the chart titled "Special Rates During Our Crowd-funding Campaign" (It's a PDF file so if it does not open when you click the link, it may have been automatically downloaded). Make a note of the discounted amount. Then, click the orange "Donation" button at the upper right of our this page. Finally, enter the amount you noted on the following screen; then, email us at: Arial or use the contact information on the Rate Card to reserve your ad at our special Crowd-funding Campaign rates. You will see on our Rate Card that these are much lower than normal. This lower rate is your "Reward" for supporting us during this campaign.

Mailing of Rewards: Rewards will be mailed to donors as soon as possible, although those who are receiving issues or subscriptions as part of their reward may receive their first issue as early as July 1, 2014, depending upon the print turnaround time [note: Circumstances beyond our control forced the first issue to be mailed to subscribers later in the summer.]

Continental US postage is included, but International (INT) and Canadian (CAN) Donors be sure to add the Postage supplement indicated by

Postage: INT +$ nn or CAN +$ nn
Bonus Rewards:

For the first 75 who donate $10 or more: a patch.

The first 10 people donating $100 or more will receive the "Bonus DVD" for the award-winning documentary: Walking the Camino — Six Ways to Santiago.

Thanks to director Lydia B. Smith for providing these incentives!
Donate $5 or more

A good feeling and our unending gratitude
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• Print copy of 1st Official Issue (#1)
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• CQ Handheld Digital Gear Scale

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• Everything listed for $100 level
• Camino de Santiago note-cards from cover-artist Jane Snyder

Postage: INT +$ 120 or CAN +$ 40
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• Everything listed for $200 level
• Hardbound edition of the first issue

Postage: INT +$ 140 or CAN +$ 44
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• Everything listed for $350 level
• Personal Quote in the magazine (within the first year for individual)
• Hardbound edition (entire first year, i.e., 4 issues—this is a limited edition for the first 100 backers who donate at this level or higher.)

Postage: INT +$ 197 or CAN +$ 56
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• Everything listed for $500 level
• PLUS an autographed, collector’s copy of the Preview Issue in an archival plastic sleeve
1) Acknowledgement in the masthead as a “Founding Donor”
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• Dinner for 2 with the editors at a Biltmore Estate restaurant in Asheville, NC, plus a one-night stay on the estate (travel expenses not included)
• One-page interview with you (can be anonymous)

(shipping included)
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